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One on One Tutorial Services

I will tailor tutoring to your needs. I believe there are no stupid questions. I am proud to speak a language you can understand while helping you learn your way around a computer.

Technology can be intimidating, frustrating and confusing for a lot of people. I have helped many clients grasp basic concepts of software use, learn shortcuts and understand there are 2 or more ways of doing the same thing inside software interfaces. Simple hands on basic tutorial aimed at the areas where you need help go a long way in helping you understand how to maneuver and manipulate software programs to do what you want them to do. The following is a list iof services I provide but the scope of services is not limited to this list. Fill out the questionaire I have made avaialble at the bottom of this page or call me to discuss your needs.

Tutorial Services

+ Customize and un-clutter your computer file system
+ Customize and un-clutter your computer desktop
+ How to install and uninstall software
+ How to uninstall unwanted software, bloatware & adware
+ How to recognize internet hoaxes and malicious software
+ Organizing your "Startup" menu and installed programs
+ Backing up "My Documents" or other important data files
+ Setting up your computer for maximum performance
+ How to clean the inside of your computer case safely
+ Learning about the location and function of hardware
+ Using an External Drive to backup your important files
+ Setting up Multiple Users on one computer
+ Using DVD and CD "Burning" Software
+ "Ripping" Music CD's to portable (MP3, FLAC, M4A or WMA) music formats
+ Making your own CD's or DVD's of music, video or data back-up
+ Using an iPod or other digital music player, loading music or video
+ Using a Scanner
+ Using a Digital Camera
+ Printing your digital images
+ E-Mailing pictures to friends and family
+ Reducing SPAM with e-mail filters and address management
+ Using and securing a Wireless Internet Connection
+ Transferring files and getting the most from your home network
+ Internet and E-Mail Security
+ Maintaining and Editing Webpages
+ FTP Use
+ Domain & Email Announcement Lists Setup
+ Using Graphics Design Programs
+ Keyboard shortcuts to common tasks

If you would like to schedule a tutoring session please contact me to discuss your needs.

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Please print out and fill out my PC Problems/PC Tutoring checklist so we don't miss anything in pursuit of making your PC purr during my visit.

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Note: To keep spam to my inbox to a minimum I have chosen not to place an email contact on this website. To contact me for services you may call me using the phone number found above.