Computer System Upgrades


How do you get better performance?

If you bought your computer off of the shelf from a big box store, computer manufacturer or electronics retailer it is usually upgradeable. Unless your trying to keep up with the neighbor you normally do not need to buy a new computer every year or two. You can get a speed boost simply by adding more RAMM, a new video card, upgrading your processor (if possible) or reformatting your hard drive.

If your computer is a few years old and seems to be bogging down it may be that you need to start fresh by backing up all of your data and re-installing the same operating system or upgrade to a new operating system if your system can handle it.

I will consult with you on what is available to increase office productivity, internet speeds, gaming compatibility or video and music editing or production. I will help you find the best prices for hte new system hardware or software upgrades you need.

Who has one computer monitor anymore? You may want to install a new graphics card that allows for more function and versatility. You may want an array of 2, 3 or 4 monitors to increase multitasking productivity or analysis of data for business. I can direct you to affordable solutions to this type of upgrade solution and then implement the project.

Whatever it is you need I can provide the experience and knowledge to bring you up to speed.

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Possible Upgrades & Solutions

Increase Performance & Extend the life of your computer

+ Upgrade Video Card - To increase gaming or graphics performance, capability of more than one monitor.

+ Upgrade Sound card - Movie/Game surround sound, music editing & listening experience

+ Add or Upgrade RAMM - Increase your computers access speed to data on the hard drive

+ Upgrade Processor - You may be able to get a speed boost with a higher level processor

+ Upgrade Hard Drive - Increase file storage size and prevent data loss and corruption

+ Back up data - Preserve your data by using an external drive or media to back up your data

+ Upgrade Power Supply - To handle the power consumption of higher end hardware

+ New Operating System - Move forward with changing technology and do not be left unsecured

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