PC Repair & Services


Affordable and Professional Computer Help

I come to your home or business.

I invite you to ask questions during services - Helping you learn about your computer will ensure that you understand your system issues and save you money in the future if you can maintain your own computer.

No Geek Language - I speak in a language customers can understand and appreciate.

Reasonably priced for the Home and Small Office customer - no job is too small (1 hour minimum on all jobs).

I also offer pick up your PC from you or you can drop it for repair. Off site repair can save you money.

Some services include:

+ New computer consultation and set-up, data transfer from old PC
+ "Decrapify" new computers to remove bloatware & adware
+ Data back-up solutions
+ Consultation for new hardware and software
+ System hardware & software upgrades
+ Computer maintenance
+ System cleaning
+ Diagnose and resolve sluggish performance and system errors
+ Diagnose annoying program or system errors
+ Virus/Worm/Trojan/Spyware removal & prevention
+ Help in eliminating intrusive pop-up ads
+ Reduce unsolicited junk e-mail & pop-up ads
+ Hard drive crash repair
+ Reformatting with new Operating System
+ Software installation
+ Email setup
+ Peripheral installation and setup (Printers, scanners, other devices that connect to computers)
+ Network setup
+ New workstation setup and networking
+ DSL or Cable Broadband & Dial-up Internet set-up
+ Wireless or Wired Network Setup
+ Firewall setup
+ Old Computer and hardware recycling
+ Refurbished computer sales
+ Many other services and one-on-one tutoring

Technology keeps chugging away and it seems hard to keep up with the need for more space, speed and security. Keeping the bad guys out is a very important part of being online these days. Contact me and let me provide you with an affordable quote for your PC repair, upgrade or other PC service needs.

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What do I need to know during my visit?

What needs to be done or what do you need to learn?

Please print out and fill out my PC Problems/PC Tutoring checklist so we don't miss anything in pursuit of making your PC purr during my visit.

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Note: To keep spam to my inbox to a minimum I have chosen not to place an email contact on this website. To contact me for services you may call me using the phone number found above.