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Over the last 14 years I have helped frustrated people and businesses with computer related problems. Providing affordable services to people pulling out there hair due to computer problems in one way or another is what I excel at and enjoy doing.

I come to your home or business. I also offer to pick up your PC from you or you can drop it for repair. Off site repair can save you money.

I invite you to ask questions during my service call - Helping you learn about your computer will ensure that you understand your system issues and save you money in the future if you can maintain your own computer.

No Geek Language - I speak in a language customers can understand and appreciate (Plain English).

Reasonably priced for the Home and Small Office customer - no job is too small (1 hour minimum on all jobs).

My customers are always please with the work I do and I wish I saw them more but after fixing the issues I normally don't hear from them for long periods of time since their needs were met the first time. The good news is that they always call back when they need something looked at again or have issues with new hardware or software and have need of services or tutoring.

Why pay the big retail computer outlets major dollars to send a "geek" to your home when I am so efficient, affordable and personable? Please have a look around my site and the numerous services I provide and then give me a call to discuss your service needs.

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Website Design

Affordable Website Design & Custom Graphics Design

From start to finsh I aim to design and implement a site that fits your needs and brings to life your ideas for your business. Website design does not have to be a headache or cost a fortune. Please contact us for a consultation on your website needs.

I also help those in need of website upkeep and periodic maintenance to current content. I have helped many businesses who find themselves searching for their original website designer when it comes time to update the site months or years after the original site was built. For some reason many web designers want to build a website for a large sum but not available when it is time for smaller work to update the site per customers needs. This business practice leaves business owners searching for solutions. If this is familiar please consider calling me to assist with your website.

Contact me and let me provide you with an affordable quote for your Website Design, Custom PC Builds, PC repair, hardware/software upgrade or other PC service needs.

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Note: To keep spam to my inbox to a minimum I have chosen not to place an email contact on this website. To contact me for services you may call me using the phone number found above.